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Real Estate for real people

specialized on guiding you through your purchase or  selling process

of real estate  in Berlin


What we do...
(& we do it good) 

full guidance through the purchase/selling
process from A-Z

we will sell you flat 

or help you to buy a flat .

Step by step on a personal and friendly level .



we will help you to get the best conditions and also be aware of terms you should persist on

finding the right investment for you


we will surely find the right investment for you. Most of the real estate investments in Berlin are long term investments. With the complicated laws it is important to understand all risks and benefits of a deed before the purchase. 

real estate appraisal


checking the object you plan to purchase in order to exclude defects and economical traps

as a certified german appraiser we do that every day.

helping you to prepare your property for sale/evaluation 

 for those who are thinking to sell their property and would like to have an objective opinion about its market value and all steps that need to be prepared before selling a property in Germany


checking all documents& contracts

Teilungserklärung,Wirtschaftsplan,Baubeschreibung and many more documents need to be checked to assure a save purchase. Even German natives would have a hard time to understand the details of those legal and technical terms.

We Love it ..


"our job is to guide you savely through the purchase/sales process  of your property in Berlin "

After 16 years of experience on the Berlin Real Estate market we have seen it all

and we still love our job !

because... we are different.

we believe that economy is about people

real estate is more than just concrete and money,

it is often a matter of peoples dreams

but also their fears

we are here , to guide you step by step

as surveyors, brokers or lawyers

through any real estate adventure in Berlin

write us an Email and tell us your Story


Yours, the Bspace estate Team 

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